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Founded in June of 2005, Megaman’s Hentai Site was created as a hobby. Originally it was designed to be a small site to host flash animations to share with users on a newly created hentai forum. The site soon started hosting images and quickly grew into a popular hentai site. Currently the site contains numerous image galleries, flash animations, links to movies, its own forum, and recently a 2D mmorpg called Hentai Quest with a 3D mmorpg in the works. The 3D mmorpg tentatively titled Hentai World should be released in the spring of 2008.

The site was created by a single individual writing HTML code in Notepad. The creator still works alone but now uses Dreamweaver to create web pages. Because the site was created as a hobby and is not considered to be a professional site, the site remains completely free. Users are never charged to view the site or to play the mmorpg.


March 2021


FORTE_EXE: I am feeling a bit nostalgic for this site and found out that the site that first introduced me to vast world of yaoi is no longer online. So I started working on a personal mission to revive the site and maybe get in touch with some of the older members. I have no technical skills in web development so I used wordpress as the base for this new site.