Flash, Sims and Games

Flash games and animations were what megamanshentaisite was originally known for. Since adobe is junking flash, I decided to just download the files for anyone who’s interested in them rather than putting them up in this site. It’s up to you how you can get them to work. Sadly, I couldn’t download the animations, I was, however able to salvage the games and sims.


Download everything here

Direct Download: https://megamanshentaisite.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Flash-from-megamanshentaisite-archived-February-18-2021.zip

Google Drive link (no guarantees it will stay up forever but at least you can pick what you want to download)



The list in this page is for reference only and some may be missing. I did my best to download and salvage what I could.

Hentai Sims

Galaxy Angel Sim

Love Hina Sim

Evangelion Sim

Dominus Predator Sim

Sim Girl

Sexy Bunny Sim

Sexy kitten Sim Date 1

Sexy Kitten Sim Date 2

Sexy Kitten Sim Date 3

Sexy Kitten Sim Date 4

Sexy Kitten Sim Date 5

Sexy Kitten Sim Date 6

Sexy Kitten Sim Date 7

For reference, here are the games included (no guarantees it’s complete though)

Kasumi Flash (English) Evangelion Game Ruda Panty Guessing
Kasumi Foot Job School Girl Gym Sex Playing Doctor
Mai Dress Up Fuck Akina Anime Girl Hummingbird Game
Rei Hino Dress Up Alien Fuck Sexy Maid Hardball
Lei Fang Dress Up Anime Bunny Sexy Tour Bomb Volleyball
Renie Dress Up Anime Hentai Game Strip Blonde Girl Memoria
Orgasm Girl Anime Slot Machine Strip Sexy Nurse  
Tifa Pong Sex Game Subliminal Messages 2 Frank’s Adventure Games
3D Hentai Puzzle Jigoku Strip Tiki Party Frank’s Adventure
Hentai Puzzle 1 Jungle Girl Unreveal Tournament Frank’s Adventure 2
Hentai Puzzle 3 Adam and Eve Walking Beauty Frank’s Adventure 3
Hentai Puzzle 4 Kankin Sex X-Mas Bitch  
Winry N-Force Tantric Teddies Mega Man vs Samus
Hentai School Octopus Rape Hentai Sex Game Mega Man in Ghouls & Ghosts


The following are animations that I couldn’t download

Yuna Flash Animation Sexy School Girl 3 Way Series Katie’s Diary Series
Rikku Flash Animation Kasumi 3 Way: Part 1 Katie’s Diary: Part 1
3D Helena Masturbating Kasumi In Kitchen 3 Way: Part 2 Katie’s Diary: Part 2
3D Helena and Lei Fang Personal Trainer 3 Way: Part 3 Katie’s Diary: Part 3
Momoko Flash (press ‘H’) Tit Fuck 3 Way: Part 4 Katie’s Diary: Part 4
Another Momoko Flash   3 Way: Part 5 Katie’s Diary: Part 5
A Third Momoko Flash Dirty Ernie Series 3 Way: Part 6 Katie’s Diary: Part 6
A Fourth Momoko Flash Dirty Ernie 1 3 Way: Part 7 Katie’s Diary: Part 7
Asuka Flash Dirty Ernie 2 3 Way: Part 8 Katie’s Diary: Part 8
Ayane Flash Dirty Ernie 3    
Ayane Alien Sex Dirty Ernie 4 Brittany Series Non Hentai
Hitomi Flash   Brittany On Top Micheal Jackson Secrets
Cute Girl Flash   Brittany Doggy Style A Very Bootyful Christmas
Another Girl Masturbating   Brittany Head Session

Mega Man Titanium Rhapsody