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She’s Only Human by Obelisk Cossack

Disclaimer: I do not own Megaman Zero, nor its characters. They are the property of Capcom. Furthermore this is a Lemon story, and as such if you are under 18 or above depending on where you live, you should not be reading this.
With that out of the way, enjoy the story.

The ground rumbled, her feet shook. A blond girl in pink shrieked as the footing gave way, sending her to fall to a premature death. Her eyes were closed shut as she surrendered herself to death, when she felt the strength of someone take hold.
The girl opened her eyes, and stared up into the face of a red and black Reploid with blonde hair. He looked down at her, causing blush to redden her cheeks. The girl just looked, adoring his marvellously chiselled face. Time seemed to draw to a standstill as the two kept falling. He slowly lifted his gaze, whereas she continued to look up at him, as a saviour. Finally, with a splash of water and a gentle shake, he landed on solid yet wet ground. He looked down at her, puzzled.
“Are you okay?” he asked as she slowly nodded.
“Th-thank you,” she said as their eyes locked.
Silence came as he continued to hold her in his hands. The girl slowly moved her head up, coming closer to his face. Her lips narrowed, pressing forward as she neared his own. Second by second, the two came closer and closer to a magical embrace. The girl’s eyes began to close just as her lips reached his…
Ciel snapped up, breathing heavily.
The young scientist looked around with blurred vision. She rubbed her eyes and squinted, making out the details of the room she was in. Her own. She was sitting up in her bed, dressed in pink pyjamas while looking frazzled. Her long, blonde hair was out of the ponytail everyone had known her to sport, and it was quite messy from sleep.
“It was the dream again…” she said while falling back onto the mattress.
Years had passed since that day, the day when she and her fellow Resistance Members delved into deep Neo Arcadia territory in dire hopes of finding a legend. That legend was a wrecked body resembling the mythical Zero, an Ace Maverick Hunter from centuries ago. The two met that day, and became close friends, at least on her part. Zero was quiet and far from social, but seemed to slightly open up to her. Ciel on the other hand had become quite enamoured with the crimson Reploid, and for the last year, had been in her dreams many, many times. The one she had occurred several times already, a retelling of the scenario that they met in, but with a different ending. Each time, she had fallen to her death only to be saved by Zero and each time the two looked at each other for the longest of time before she etched closer, trying to kiss him. Each time she was about to do such a thing, the fates demanded that she wake by some means.
“Life is a cruel mistress,” she said while sitting back up and sighing, “It’s not that I don’t like the dreams, it’s just I get frustrated.”
She parted her legs slightly.
“Furthermore,” she stated while looking between them, noticing a much darker shade of pink, “I awake only to find myself completely aroused.”
Ciel was a scientist, a highly respected one at that. Her place in the resistance was higher than anyone else, some even ranked her above Zero. She was essentially the heart of the Resistance, and a symbol for anyone who opposed Neo Arcadia.
However, Ciel was also human, and young at that. Not even an actual adult, the girl had only reached her late teens recently, and never took into account the changes her body had brought about. While her cognitive abilities had improved from maturity, the primal demands of her body also made themselves known, just like now.
Ciel got up from her bed and crept towards her door. It was late night, and all but the night time guards were asleep. However for what was about to happen, she had to make sure. Ciel slid open her door quietly and peeked out, looking in many directions. No one was around, thus she closed the door. She also looked up and checked the security camera, which was off. It took her a very long time and much arguing with Zero to allow her to decide when it would be on, but in the end the girl defeated the ancient battle Reploid in words, demanding human privacy.
Now that all was clear, Ciel stretched a little and ran her hands through her hair, trying to undo the mess made from tossing and turning. Then her attention shifted to a nearby mirror, where she studied her image. Young, slender and quite pretty, she had captured the eyes of many in her years. The girl had gone on a date or two once, before she got caught up in the mess that led her here. She took a breath and brought up her arms, grabbing the bottom of her shirt, tugging and pulling it up. With one motion, it came off, showing off her bare chest, her breasts free for none to see. Ciel tossed the shirt onto her bed and began to push down her pyjama bottoms, revealing her cotton clad backside.
Half nude, the girl looked at herself and her cheeks reddened. A glance at her panties revealed that she was wetter than before, and that her crotch demanded much attention. Ciel’s hand crept down, and slipped into her underwear before going to work. A gasp flew out of her mouth as she slid a finger up her cunt. She pulled it out after, then brought her hand up, the finger glistening with a sweet scent. While Ciel was a revered person, she was by no means couth when it came to indulging her desires. She had done this ritual many times, and knew what she liked to do. As her finger went into her mouth and the other one into her panties, she went back to work. In and out, in and out her hand went with faint, wet noises coming up.
“Oh…oh…” she gasped while sucking off her juices and grabbing onto her breast.
She placed her thumb upon her nipple and began to press down and massage it, enticing a sharper gasp while her hand worked like crazy. Ciel kept this up for a moment before she started groping her breast, pushing it up actually. Her head went down as she licked the nipple, then switch hands. Her now wet hand was groping her other breast while she continued to masturbate.
“Oh god…oh yes!” she gasped as her hand found her pleasure spot, her clit.
With a simple rub, shudders rippled through her body as a burning sensation began to build up. Both hands were now down as she fell onto her back, madly rubbing her clit and pumping fingers into her slit as she began to moan. During her fit of self passion, the young scientist ripped off her panties and threw them to the ground while spreading her legs. More fingering commenced as she arched her back and fondled a breast, the pleasure building up inside. She began to thrust her hips into the air while grunting feverishly.
“Oh dear god!” she heaved while rolling over, supporting herself with her knees and hands while she worked her crotch, “So good!”
Her eyes squinted while she gritted her teeth, sweat causing her body to glisten in the faint light that her room had at this hour. With a grunt, she pulled her pillow down and plunged her head forward, moaning into it while her other hand went down to her snatch. Ciel bit her lip as her inner flames reached the breaking point, much to a mixture of dismay and delight.
“Oh!” she gasped while forcing herself up, and pulling her hands out from her snatch.
Ciel propped her pillow upon its side and slid it between her legs before closing them. Right after, the young girl immediately began to grind her clit into it, humping the pillow like a wild buck.
“Yes! Oh yes!” she moaned while driving herself against the pillow, “Oh my…oh…oh…oh fuck!”
Her free hand, completely slicked up from her juices flew back as the scientist assaulted her pillow and without hesitation, jammed a finger into her anus.
“NGH!” she growled, furiously violating herself with one finger, then two, and finally three, “So close…come on…oh…oh!”
Her body grinded harder and harder, her fingers probed even faster as her eyes, glazed over in lust saw the faint image of her beloved red Reploid.
“Oh…oh…oh!” she grunted as the desire within finally erupted, “Oh ZERO!”
Ciel’s body jolted violently as she wildly humped the pillow, juices exploding from her cunt as she gritted her teeth, using all of her remaining strength not to scream in primal satisfaction. After a minute of frantic bucking, the scientist began to slow down before her stamina gave out, and she flopped down on her bed, breathing heavily.
“Oh Zero…” she said softly with a smile before dozing off.
The crimson Reploid stood outside her door looking like he had been through a storm. His skin pale, eyes wide and a drop of sweat rolling down the back of his helmet. He blinked for a moment, before sliding Ciel’s door shut, shaking his head, and walking on.

Author: Forte Exe

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