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Megamanshentaisite is a revival of the old site. It wasn’t much but was an amazing hang out spot back in its heyday. While social media have supplanted much of that now, I am still holding on to this site out of sentimental reasons. Who knows how this goes?


This site contains contents not suitable for audiences below the age of 18. Your use means you understand this and your continued use of the site is your sole responsibility.


In keeping with the old megamanshentaisite tradition, this site will remain ad-free and non-profit for as long as possible. 


This site is meant to be a way to reexperience the old site as much as possible in a modern setting. There may be images, assets and resources that may conflict with new laws and rights. In this event, contact me at so I can remedy it. I do not claim ownership for any of the contents presented in this site.



This site was created as an attempt to restore the old megamanshentaisite. 


If you’re one of the original owner of megamanshentaisite, don’t hesitate to contact me ASAP.


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